How To Repair Sofa, Couch And Chair Cushions

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If you have tried shopping for furniture recently you know how expensive upholstered pieces like sofa, couches and chairs can be. If you have an existing piece of furniture you may be able to restore it by repairing the sofa,  couch and chair cushions. Here is how you can do so.

One of the first things to do is to figure out whether a piece is worth saving. Repairing cushions may not be of much use if the springs are damaged or the fabric covering is overly worn out. By looking at each piece of furniture carefully you can tell whether or not it is worth the time and expense of repairing the cushions.

Many people fix worn fabric upholstery by purchasing slip covers. This can work well, especially if your furniture is in good shape. There are two kinds of slip covers. The first is a fitted version that is often custom fitted. The other is a looser type of cover that tightens using elastics or fabric ties. These can work very well assuming that the furniture underneath is in good condition.

If it is the cushions that are causing problems you have several options. One is to try and recover the couch or seating pillows. This may work if it is the fabric that is causing the problem. You need to find out whether or not you will be able to locate fabric that matches your current sofa or chair. If you cannot you may want to think about picking fabric that will work well because of the color or the pattern of the fabric. Two tone furniture is very common.

Many couches or chairs will become lumpy over time as the padding begins to break down. Some people try and use a piece of foam that is cut to the same size and shape as the original couch and chair cushions were. This may not always work as it can be difficult to cut the foam to the right shape or thickness.

Another option is to send the sofa, couch or chair cushion covers away to an upholsterer that can create new custom foam inserts. There are companies that will use the existing sofa, couch or chair cushion cover as a template to cut new foam. This foam core is then wrapped with Dacron and the refurbished piece is sent back. This can be a fantastic option if the rest of the sofa is in good shape. Often, cheap foam seats will break down after only a few years of use. The result is that sofas and chairs will become lumpy and uncomfortable to sit in.

Before you decide to send away your pillows to be repaired it can be a good idea to look at the furniture piece objectively. This is especially true of older pieces that may be wearing out in other ways as well. If a couch or a chair has broken springs and is covered in fabric that is becoming worn and threadbare it may be more worthwhile to simply purchase a new piece of furniture.

You can look online in order to find different furniture refurbishing services. You will have to decide whether or not you want to use a local service provider or send the sofa or chair cushions away so that they can be repaired. Then you can find the service provider who has the best price to repair or replace the cushions you sit on every day.

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